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released December 1, 2015

Recorded by Taylor Young at The Pit studio in Van Nuys, CA
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege



all rights reserved


NIVES Barstow, California

Barstow (HD), CA

D. Harrell - Vocals
K. Kamel - Drums
J. Albornoz - Bass
A. Albornoz - Guitar
I. Manness - Guitar

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Track Name: Bad Man
Front row, to the beat of the frail intense
Immaculate rat
Fuse at the tail in a pack
Graceful, and peacefully meant
I'll walk a mile to my grave if it's time well spent

Facing off it all
I'm feeling all withdrawal
And wondering where and if If it into it all

Maybe I'll find a good way
In good time maybe I'll stay

Drunken, but with sober confusion
Maneuver my way out of the swap with no contusion
Of a point of view
I never knew what it took
Breaking a broken world was harder than it looked

"Sweet Dreams, Goodnight"

Dim the lights
Looks like this fight can't wait another light

If the sun is up we're done
If shit is fucked then we gotta get the fuck out of this wasteland
Death in high demand
Remembering the stand
Is all that keeps you going, going, going, going till the end of time
Track Name: Killer Pigs Must Pay
Shoot for thrill, pulling triggers it's a hobby to kill
Strip their will, we cannot speak we cannot breathe
They'll end your fucking life, pretend that it will be alright
Don't step on me, don't step to me
Question authority when they are harassing the minority
And they're killing all our people, and all our actions are far too feeble
The actions of just a few will give the whole force a bad view
Ride around handing out fistfuls, you're a motherfucking sell-out too
All these cowards better cower when they see our troops
No Protection, No faith.
No strength just pain, power abused
Hands up, don't shoot, don't shoot
We get trampled by the weight, these killer pigs must pay
Track Name: Grimm Drinker
He don't live here
Quit insisting to hold the keys
In my nightmares
There's something dwelling inside of me
Suffering sweetly, she was seventeen
He took good care of you didn't he?

Bury me
Where you need me
High key
I'm everything you made me out to be
I've been lucid dreaming and living freely, so I'd like to think

I feel so safe
Inside my head
With wounds so deep
I've cut my strings

I'll dig myself out when I can find the strength
Beneath these walls I've made
My home in flames, forever sinking
I've been sick


This place is not what it seems
Tie a noose like a leash around my mind
It can't be tamed this time
I can't be tamed
But I don't feel safe
I've been defaced
Track Name: Rage Unfolds
Simple existence
In the tombs of a soul
It's all we fight for
I'm just a sucker for your love
From a source unknown
We're dark inside
It boils my blood
Regret Uncontrolled

Rage Unfolds

It painted me
When I was grey
Just a sucker for your love
Rage Unfolds
Snapping my sanity
In twos
Burnt sanity
Smoke billows above
Sending the signal
Release my misapprehensions
Dwelling beneath
The Brain as my grave
Burnt point of view

But I refuse to apologize
For speaking my fucked up mind
But I refuse to apologize
For speaking my fucked up mind

Suck me dry
Suck me dry
Too hard to please
Suck your sanity
Until your fed up with me
Track Name: Born Too Loose
So what's the difference between us anyways
We're all trapped in the same damn cage

The stage
The crowd
The cradle
The grave
Lost in the cradle
Found in the same grave
Human race

Bleed the same blood
But don't think like us huh?

Born of the same blood, but not of the same mind
So much better than me, I think we like it that way

Bolts rattling

Just because I don't dress like you
Just because I don't fuck with you
I'm born too loose
Wreck me
Pick me, like the weed I've become
While you bloom in the sun
A living fallacy
Hang yourselves from the webs they weave

Born too loose

A sacrifice with no meaning
A ritual of pride
Feeding off your ego till it eats you alive
We bring heads to knees
We're the new breed
Track Name: Still Heated
Dead mouth
Crossed out
Suns down
Suns out
Time out now

Black in my eyeballs
Where something used to be
Bones filled with smoke now
As thick as glass is clear
Take me with my soul
So I can feel the fear
So that the fade may remain
But even willing I'll be torn between death's teeth

I never thought I'd see a day
When everything that I believed sank into the sea

You're still so cold, and I'm still heated

There was a wall of flames
In the hall of shame
There's still hell in the streets
The bridges were burnt
Long before we crossed them
It only hurts until it doesn't

Death stays calling me like B.I.G
Blind ignorance has me on my fucking knees
Can't stop living this way
Time won't stop for me
This is so far beyond fucked
The last chord has been struck
And I'm down on my luck

Reap my pride
In frames, my life
Flashes before my eyes

It's not fair to live a life
That could be ended by the tip of a knife
Reap my pride