Hell In The Streets


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1st EP by NIVES.


released December 1, 2014

All songs written by NIVES est. 2012.

Produced, Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Daniel Concho at A Sound Escape Studios.



all rights reserved


NIVES Barstow, California

Barstow (HD), CA

D. Harrell - Vocals
K. Kamel - Drums
J. Albornoz - Bass
A. Albornoz - Guitar
I. Manness - Guitar

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Track Name: Shred Fight Lose
save me. I’m drowning in the entertainment
well I’d rather be bored than witness this façade
deafen me. you’re far too loud
I can’t stand the sound
and do the words have any meaning now?

Fuck your judgment.

savor my name. take advantage of what you’ve been given
well I don’t believe a thing they said since the fucking beginning
we’re force fed an acquired taste

another secret they’ve hidden from view
another lie we see right through.
don't let them play us for a fool
this is the death of me not you

(FT Taylor Huston of Field Day)
in all the time that you’ve been wasting, we were picking up the pieces
trying to fit them into places they could be accommodated
if they want to say fuck the system, they can go and build their own one then
they say freedom don’t come free, we say at least not without pain

silence is a self inflicted gift we were never ever born with
good lives have been lost to seal this fate.
and I’m counting down the days
until the reaper comes for me

shred, fight, lose.

no freedom without pain
we choose to choke upon the shit we create

bleed. throw is away. lay to waste
the innocence we still possess
suffering silently

simple minds and simple lives will always settle for less
and try to blame it on the ones above them like there’s no hope left
I try to believe that when it comes to me I’ve got a choice in this
I’m painfully free, my own fate.
Track Name: Hell In The Streets
well everybody’s out searching for something
some of us just want to live for nothing
I’m struggling to find the evidence
that there’s a difference between life and death

will God forget if there’s a God to forgive it?
all of the issues that I’ve self inflicted

well I’ve sold my soul for this, I found true happiness
in living days as if there were none left
I took her hand in turn for peacefulness
I kissed my fate upon the lips
I found my solitude between her hips

why don’t you set aside your ego?
sacrifice a little time to learn from what u been thru

saying you’re ugly but for pictures you’ll pay
and all the memories you’re pissing away
are for the night when you can’t remember the day
the saddest part of all is that we’re all the fucking same

will God forget if there’s a God to forgive it?
all of the issues that I’ve self inflicted

we’ve been infected with our fates predetermined
we’ve been neglecting our chance to be something
is it a dream or a nightmare?
carve your own path
to the aftermath

every body's out searching for something
some of us just want to live for nothing
they say there's heaven on this earth and I found it
deep in the heart of southern california

it’s right here..
worrying about the wrong things..
while death lies just ahead
she comes for me, and I slip deep..
into her loving grace
into her loving fangs
why would you lead.. yourself to, yourself to the grave?


will God forget if there’s a God to forgive it?
if I were him I wouldn’t stand for this

hell in the streets, but there’s heaven inside me?
Track Name: Heated Jesus
let me in, let me in
you’re beating on the wall
caving in, caving in
the boundaries are torn

sin for sin the children are forlorn
again and again

well fuck; it’s happened again, the poisoning of the well
everybody wants a sip just before the final call
to fit in and be your friend and take part in this hell
star struck or completely fucked
you’ll pretend it’s not your fault
that the monuments you have hoped to crack will simply never fall
and the boundaries you had hoped to cross are increasingly miniscule
let me consume all your stars and I’ll gladly tell you to go fuck yourself

I’ve got nothing to prove to you I’m moving forth
show me your disbeliefs and I’ll show you what they’re worth

biting the hand that feeds
you’ll lose your teeth

you’ll have to sink
free riding among the waves

from me you’ll receive no apology, no pity
predictable, disposable, parasitic piece of shit
Track Name: Burnt
with a combination of a cold malt 40 ounces and the drugs that hit the hardest I believe that I have managed, to harness all this energy that you've been building up in me, and pretend it never meant a thing to forget how to love and welcome hate

no, fuck whoever said that pain is only temporary. It's never ending its everlasting. you only gain a tolerance to the feeling.

and with the winter comes the freezing i cant stand this fucking feeling
its just the changing of the seasons
you bring the cold but I stay heated

I cant keep living this way I’ve got to step it up. I wont love you the same that’s just tough luck, you wont make me stay, you cant keep me stuck you better give it up
I’ll never change my ways

they say that summer
is the very best of what might be
well I say summer came and went
before the fade took ease
if you really want to know what it is to be free
come to hell with me you'll see

Ill burn myself alive
just to know where I reside
this is my offering

this is not your territory
this is just the side of me you never seen
I surely hope you learn your lesson
stay the fuck away from me